Introduction To The Basic Concepts of Real Estate Valuation


Investing in real estate is no joke. In fact, not everyone can invest in real estate. And once you invest in real estate, there is always a chance for your investment to go bad. So here at ST8, we are here to help and guide you with real estate investment. Below are many ways we can help you.


Property Appraisal: It is important to know the value of the land you are buying or selling. And we can try to let you know the value of your land. 


Sale Price Comparison: After knowing the value of the property you are buying or selling, we would also give you prices of other properties. So you can compare the selling/buying prices to see how low or high you can buy or sell.


Building Costs: For those who already has a property in mind, we are also here to help determine the costs you would spend on construction. Many land buyers buy land, and start constructing without knowing the building costs, many end up having unfinished construction. We are here to help prevent that from happening to you.


Land Income Evaluation: For those who are interested in using their property for business. Like renting it out or turning it into a commercial property. We can evaluate how much your property can earn. That way, you would have a guide when investing in your property.


So let us help you benefit from your real estate investment. We guarantee to make you understand the many ways around real estate.